Fallen Angels

Continuing in the Demon-Web

We decide to scribe the Analyze Portal spell and hide in the lair of the many-legged spider-like creature. Jonah memorizes Analyze Portal and we have a quiet night. Ka’kak’cha heard a lot of noise outside, but nothing saw through his blind. We when we opened the blind the web tunnels had changed. Now there where three paths. It seems to change at the whim of Lolth.

The right-most path lead to a dead end. In the room there is a platform with a tree in Red Crystal (red tree) and a sticky tunnel going down. We skip the tunnel and return the way we came. This time we headed south and down into a temple. There is a huge Spider statue of Lolth with three symbols (cobalt square, silver circle, and bronze star). It is temple with a spider sculpture. Ka’kak’cha is filled with feelings of doubt (Bane).

We quickly move through it and pick another tunnel, which is anoether dead end. This one has another symbol on a platofrm (bronze star) with two stone pillars poking up out of some stand. On each stone pillar is a spiral. Jonah casts Analyze Portal, and sees that the portal takes you to a plateau on a desert on a material plane, but requires a bronze pyramid as a key and allows two-way travel. The platform (bronze star) requires a bronze star portal key. (Later Lysandra said that it is the The Spiral Desert.)

Since we have a silver square, we decide to travel up to the temple to check out the silver platform. On the way, Ka’kak’cha meets up with a spider that he quickly dispatches.

Meeting our Contact

Back to the temple where we run into a drow patrol (four male and one female drow). Alma pretends to be a priestess and quickly cows them. She gets the to show her a secret door in some stained glass that leads to Lysandra. We travel down a hallway past an illusionary wall into a study where there is a Lysandra, a Tiefling (Bonn), and a three-eyed black cat. We greet them and, and after some diplomatic talk by Galadrius and showing the package of books they agree to hand over what we came for.

She hands us an envelope with a copy of Lloth’s invitation to some demon lords. The message reads:

To the Demon Lords,

To secure our new strategy against our enemies, I invite you to meet me in my hlls in the Demonweb Pits for a private audience as well as a parlety. The bearer of this message on my golden silk parchment will tell you where and how to travel to secure safe passage to this conclave.

Once you arrive, show this pass to my guardians. Duel if you must, but those attempting to settle old grievances will be banished from my planes. During this time, we must set aside blood feuds among ourselves and consider a greater purpose.

Our meeting will conclude with a recitation of the pact, after which I will make a sacrifice to determine which of our foes will be the first to fall.


Lolth has convened a council of all the senior demon lord. The Queen of Succubus (Malcanthet), the Faceless Lord, the Prince of Demons, the Prince of Deception, the Prince of Beast, the Prince of the Depths, the Prince of Vermin, the Prince of the Undead, the Price of Gnolls…

Neither new more about the meeting, or if they didn’t, they weren’t telling.

Lysandra sees the armor and asks Jonah (in Drow) where he got the armor. Even with Alma‘s help she can tell he isn’t a real drow. She then sees through the veil spell and tells Bonn, who laughs at the nerve a angel has in visiting this plane. Feeling that we are at an impass, we agreed that Pelonius casts a divination (-25gp) and asks Pelor if we have completed what we need to do in the Demon Web now. Pelor replies:

“Do not get lost in her web. Seek three-fold knowledge elsewhere to turn evil against evil.”

Time to leave. We buy a silver sphere (-200 gp) from her amd learn that you think of a destination, you can go to a platform in the Demon-web with a matching symbol. Lysandra says that she didn’t know what the the silver cube does, but the cobalt cube moves within the web like the silver sphere. Jonah asks Lysandra where she came from and she says a city in Fareun, Chenesade.

The others she knows are:

  • The Iron Wastes another Abyssal plane;
  • The Spiral Desert – a material plane where Lolth holds dominion
  • “the Red Forest”, a prime she seeks to control;, or,
  • “Erelhei-cinlu” – a Drow city in Oerth.

Where we arrived was the “Entrance Square”, and it didn’t seem to have a way out, so we have to find another, or find the *golden pyramid" and get back to the The Spiral Desert gate.

Lysandra says that silver sphere she sold us will transport people to one of many places:

  • Fane of Ecladra (a Drow priestess’s stronghold)
  • Spiderhome
  • Lolth’s Demonshrine
  • The hall of the great web

She doesn’t have a way to get out of demon-web, so we have to find that ourselves. We thank her and leave her dwelling in search for a portal key and a way our the Demon-Web.

The Room of Fire

With Ka’kak’cha leading the way, we head up a tunnel into a room with lots of lava. He sneaks in and seens a bluish demon with vestigal wings. After some buffing he jumps in and attacks the demon. He damages it, but the heat melts his ring of fire warding. Another jumps across and joins in the fight before Galadrius moves in to help. A fire spider jumps out of a magma pit in the middle of the room and coats the two in fire webs. Pretty soon the two demons are defeated and Jonah dismisses the fire spider.

Floating in the magma below a gate to the Plane of Fire is a stone chest. Jonah turns into an elemental and pulled it out of the molten fire. He was blasted by some negative energy, but Galadrius healed them. The chest contains the following items:

  • 600 pp
  • Bronze Pyramid
  • Huge Fire opal size of an egg (1000 gp)

The bronze pyramid can be used to get us out to the The Spiral Desert.

See Current Loot
XP: 5100



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