Prophecy of the Celestial Eye

The Prophecy was granted to Galadrius after guidance from the Rule-of-Three when looking for his sister Rose. It was shared with the Rule-of-Three who told there where to get the bow of beast.

The bow of beast dissolves the taint of the corrupted. (1)
The bitter ice hides a giant’s sword to crack Abyssal armor. (2)
Search the Lady’s wisdom and the book of flesh,
Bide your time, and flee when the goddess shakes her web.

A pair of keys: a blackened tongue, a golden word,
Pass through three gates: serpent, darkess, stone.
Kill the queen on her black peal, and find
Near the throne a fourth gate – home.

(1) The Forest Heart Bow taken from <?> during Earning the Forest Trust
(2) The The Demon-quenching blade taken from Frost Giants during Into the Frozen Wastes

Prophecy of the Celestial Eye

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