Fallen Angels

Vacation with Undead

We return the heart where the honor of the Shen is restored and Vor is accepted as a clan member (if he is every found). Before we leave the village, we return one more time to seal up the area with walls of stone and stone shape.

Excited to try his new spells, Gabe begins scribing them into his spell book. He casts a permanent reduce on the Demon-quenching sword so that Kak can use to replace one of the swords he sacrificed. That night we head back to Greyhawk via the shadow plane.

We set up the dwarf smith, Athrogate, while we discuss what do to next. It is agreed that we should see about unlocking Galadrius’s sword by getting water from the river Styx, and completing a ritual for the Heart bow by permanently destroying a powerful demon.

We meet Cyrith at his apothecary. Gabe is greeted by his familiar who is getting bored waiting for the eggs to hatch and mousing.

Cryrith is amused by our request to name a demon to destroy, and he mentions that there is Glyphimhor . At one time, he was a balor, but is now an undead demon – he worked for Orcus – but that is no longer true. Glyphimhor resides in a fortress called Tcian Sumere on the 1287 plane of the Abyss, one that is infused with negative energy and has very strange gravity.

All positive energy is suppressed (50% healing)
Undead are strengthened
No gravity in some places
Missile ranges are great, moving is hard
Layer 1287
-4 to your primary stat
Half hit points restored on healing

We agree to do this, but think it is a dangerous task and feel that we can get the Styx water first as the river touches many, many planes. We plane shift to the Concordant Opposition, arriving about 280 miles from the River Styx. Not having any magical travels spells ready, we march through the day and set up camp that night.

While on watch are jumped by large four-legged birds that race through the camp and tear us up. Once we get organized the monsters are easily dispatched. After the batter we identify them as Archiara, but refer to them as giant four-legged devil-chickens. We find some loot in the gizzards.

Small metal box
100 + 600 +500 + 100 = 1,300 gp
Sheet of Aluminum – scroll of Glitterdust (for Gabe) – only requires a verbal + somatic

Getting the water itself is done quickly, and we shift back to Oearth, returning to Grayhawk soon after. Galadrius presents the vial of Styx water and sprig from Yissadril at the temple. A day-long purification ritual, the Sanctification of Darkness is performed, after which Galadrius is able to bond to the sword.

- 8 hit points
Touch of grace – 3 CLW / day
-1 from save
Dispel magic 1 /day
-1 from attack
+3 cold iron weapon
Piety 2 levels on channel, lay on hands
Constantly center of consecrate ’20
(undead -1 to hit, -1 to save, -1 damage, and +3 to SR for Channel)
Awaken the soul of the blade
Ask to Banish the Abyssal Brood – alone CR 15 creature on his own to – CE
Redemption of the Soul
Perfect Redemption

With newly bonded sword, we prepare to return to the Abyss. Cyrith gives us a blank 20-sided planar key – a component to create a targeted plane shift. We enter floating in a large spherical area of darkness with six exits. Despite the protection afforded us by Pelonius’s Mass Planar Adaptation, the imposing, dark energy is palpable.

We pick the “up” entrance and head that way. We are whisked to the center of the next room but are unable to control our order. As we glide into the middle, dark figures from every corner swarm at us, hungry for our blood. Later we learned they are ghasts and the much deadlier Abyssal ghasts. Out of our regular position, both Alma and Pelonius are grappled and drained before we manage to defeat them with a chain lighting from Jonah, a Holy Smite from Galadrius and lots of slicing from Kak.



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