Fallen Angels

Jonah Clona

We stand around the fallen ghasts and ghouls, catching a breath and healing up. They have a paltry 38gp among them.

We head up, or at least that’s the direction we think we are going. We quickly get to a room with a staircase that heads up. Kak heads up to a large circular landing, the stairs continue up. The landing has windows showing a very barren landscape – scorched and without movement except for the odd flash in the distance. It could be lightning.

The second level appears to be similar, but has tables and benches covered with strange and unfathomable pages. Jonah thinks they could be navigation or astrological charts, and takes the stack. Kak continues up to the third level of the tower.

Small black explosion with a nimbus that turns towards you, and bolts of cold energy writhe about it. Kak seems drawn to it like iron filing to a magnet. He calls below, then shoots at it with his bow. It is some form of negative energy creature that erodes Kak’s leather straps but we manage to defeat it.

The room is an is observation tower with little else.

We go down and head south, and head through another path and channel. As we enter in, more undead monsters come out of the darkness to us. It is another no-gravity spherical room. More of those nasty ghouls and ghasts. Ubu retreats after being severely mauled, and Jonah runs back and fireballs, drawing their ire. They charge over and drop him, but we manage to finish them off. Pelonius managed to breath life into Jonah, and he returns back. We burn out two wands healing up.

There is a big discussion about Jonah using charges from his staff to cast a repulsion as we change locations so we don’t get jumped. He reluctantly agrees.

We head down and see a lab for bringing back undead that shows procedure for undead animation. We find a storeroom with undead parts. Kak pulls a switch and is teleported away. We following into a throne room. There is a pool of water that is a scrying pool, a chessboard with some magical pieces, and a throne with a large black gem in a skull, and a plant. Jonah examines the plant and realizes what it is as he gets jumped. We destroy it.

Piece Number Magic
Black pawn 7
Black knight 1
White bishop 1 Abjuration

Jonah takes them all to identify later.

There two doors with a human skull in each. The hinges in the doors are moveable, with a keyhole. We open the north door. Inside is a large box, four large stoppered, stone urns, and a sword.

Sword and a box both radiate magic. The box has five wands. There is a plaque on the inside of the lid in an abyssal variant that is roughly translated to say “claim what’s yours now and forever”

Jonah claims the first one, even knowing it is trap, and is shocked. It is a wand of magic missiles. He is shocked on the second, and it is wand of trap finding.

Wand Holder
Magic Missile Jonah
Trap Detection Jonah
Illusion Galadrius
Illumination Ka’kak’cha
Fear Pelonius

The urns have lots of gold (4000 gp).

The sword appears to be notched and tinged with rust but powerful magically. It is a longsword, and quite magic (+3).

The south room is also a storeroom with a 3’ semi-circular wall with a dry chitinous wall . It is partly organic, and looks like something that sits over your head. Of course, Jonah sits on it. Soon after that a creature pops up. It slowly mimics Jonah event talking. The longer we stay, the more it seems to follow. Meanwhile Jonah is being lethargic (-1 to all stats). It is like his mind is in two bodies. He tries to cast a spell, and it doesn’t. It is like a crude physical mirror image that is slowly getting better.

Side note: The recent events have Jonah at a bit of a disadvantage and feeling “dumber”.

Impact of Lost Headband -6
Impact of Negative plane -4
Impact of the Clone-thing -1
Net intelligence drop -11

We are in the master’s chamber storeroom.

Loot List

4060 gp
Maps and charts from the observation tower in Tcian Sumere – Jonah



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