Fallen Angels

Escape from the Demon Web

We leave the firey room and head back to the webbing looking for a way out. At the second intersection we are attacked. Webbing shot out and hit Jonah and Ka’kak’cha. Jonah was ripped off his feel and pulled upwards.

Ka’kak’cha jumped straight up, breaking through some wispy webbing out into the void. He sees some drider-tye creature (drow/spider mix) waiting to haul him up and attack.Ka’kak’cha slashes at him and quicky dispatches it. Vor and Galadrius moved up to help out Jonah, not that he needed it as he took case of it with his tentacle rod.

  • 2x Adamantine Chainmail
  • 4x scimitar/longsword Adamantine

Ka’kak’cha saw a trail in the webbed and Jonah followed it to their lair where he found a few things.

  • Bone tube (scroll of anti-magic field)
  • Small bag

But on his return he is hit be some webs from a harpoon spider and hauled across the void. Vor and Ka’kak’cha jump across the webs and hack it up as Jonah retreats as an air elemental. Ka’kak’cha finds the lair where he finds 900 gp.

After a few passageways the path opens up into a massive chamber full of spider webs and loose webbing. Ka’kak’cha falls through and falls for hundreds of feet, finally landing on a web. Galadrius flies down to pick him up.

Suddenly a tiefling and a demon run across the webs yelling “the goddess is coming”. The webs beggin shaking and millions of spiders running towards them. Pelonius casts Wall of Stone to build a bring across the web and the group raced across.

A drow woman walks past the group toward the spiders, and Jonah manages to hold his tongue as she slowly undressing while walking.

As Ka’kak’cha and Galadrius climb back up the shaking webs, a massive spider figure with a Drow’s face begins unweaving the web behind us.

We run – pulling away from the spider swarm, but not the spider. It gets closer and closer. Galadrius scoops up Jonah so that he can cast haste. He gets bitten for his troubles, seeing his Strength and Constitution drain away. Still, he keeps standing and run away with the rest of the party.

We cover half a mile in a minute, and open into the same room we entered into. As we break a spider egg Pelonius neutralizes the poison that would have just killed him.

We made it to Sigil, back “safe”.

After resting up and training, we visit the Rule of Three.

Donwah Senup that serves the prince of undeath Orcus), but offers the Rule of Three something that may help us.

  • The time of the council
  • Map and key to the location
  • Information on the sacrifice

The Queen of Spiders must be hunted down in her own web.

Donwah Senup resides in the city of Zelatar at the Sign of the Black Heart. That is in Zelatar is the largest city in the realm of Azzagrat, on of Grazzt’s domain. The Rule of Three has a Zelatar merchant charter which he gives to Johnah. Can hire a tiefling as a guide to the portals.

“Only a fool rushes, yet the longer the delay, the more difficult the task.”



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