Fallen Angels

Back in Greyhawk

Returning to Greyhawk to get Jonah’s familiar and help Vor find the clan of his former master. Pelonius casts plane shift and transports the party to within 10 minutes of the city of Greyhawk.

Vor knows the clan is in Ket near the town of Polvar, but not much else – a trip of about 600 miles. Ka’kak’cha convinces Ubu to assume the shape of a panther (using Gabe’s mantle of disguise) so we could get through the land.

Galadrius and Pelonius travel to the temple, where they check in with the temple of Pelor. Ka’kak’cha focuses on training Ubu. Jonah, Alma and Vor go to visit Alma‘s father Cyrith asking for help to find Jonah’s familiar when all of a sudden out come’s an exciting Suzie. it appears that there are three eggs black-blue mottled eggs. Jonah plans to return when the eggs are hatched and the babies weaned.

Jonah pumps Cyrith for information on Zelatar, where Cyrith once travelled (and fought Grazzt). He warns about not picking a fight, and get away so the guard doesn’t come down on then. They also meet Tybeck, a half-orc working for Cyrith.

The next day we travel to Highfolk, using Pelonius‘s Wind Walk and Phantom Steeds cast by Jonah. As we near Highfolk, the riders are attacked by orcs that throw some javelins. Jonah tosses out a chain lightning decimates the bunch, with only one standing up. Ka’kak’cha drops the last one with his bow.

Loot is 200 gp an few potions, and magical necklace.

We pass into the city after some dicussion with the guards. Taken insult with being called a Xill, Ka’kak’cha throws a rock at a guard, dropping him. Galadrius goes over, heals him and finds directions to the Flame Flower Inn. We ask for directions to the clan Shen, and he tells us that it is on the high pass road. We spend a quiet evening as Highfolk celebrates a harvest festival.

We hook up with a small merchant caravan returning to Polvar. Offering to guard them as we travel to Shengrala. Dragon attack!



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