Fallen Angels

Jonah Clona

We stand around the fallen ghasts and ghouls, catching a breath and healing up. They have a paltry 38gp among them.

We head up, or at least that’s the direction we think we are going. We quickly get to a room with a staircase that heads up. Kak heads up to a large circular landing, the stairs continue up. The landing has windows showing a very barren landscape – scorched and without movement except for the odd flash in the distance. It could be lightning.

The second level appears to be similar, but has tables and benches covered with strange and unfathomable pages. Jonah thinks they could be navigation or astrological charts, and takes the stack. Kak continues up to the third level of the tower.

Small black explosion with a nimbus that turns towards you, and bolts of cold energy writhe about it. Kak seems drawn to it like iron filing to a magnet. He calls below, then shoots at it with his bow. It is some form of negative energy creature that erodes Kak’s leather straps but we manage to defeat it.

The room is an is observation tower with little else.

We go down and head south, and head through another path and channel. As we enter in, more undead monsters come out of the darkness to us. It is another no-gravity spherical room. More of those nasty ghouls and ghasts. Ubu retreats after being severely mauled, and Jonah runs back and fireballs, drawing their ire. They charge over and drop him, but we manage to finish them off. Pelonius managed to breath life into Jonah, and he returns back. We burn out two wands healing up.

There is a big discussion about Jonah using charges from his staff to cast a repulsion as we change locations so we don’t get jumped. He reluctantly agrees.

We head down and see a lab for bringing back undead that shows procedure for undead animation. We find a storeroom with undead parts. Kak pulls a switch and is teleported away. We following into a throne room. There is a pool of water that is a scrying pool, a chessboard with some magical pieces, and a throne with a large black gem in a skull, and a plant. Jonah examines the plant and realizes what it is as he gets jumped. We destroy it.

Piece Number Magic
Black pawn 7
Black knight 1
White bishop 1 Abjuration

Jonah takes them all to identify later.

There two doors with a human skull in each. The hinges in the doors are moveable, with a keyhole. We open the north door. Inside is a large box, four large stoppered, stone urns, and a sword.

Sword and a box both radiate magic. The box has five wands. There is a plaque on the inside of the lid in an abyssal variant that is roughly translated to say “claim what’s yours now and forever”

Jonah claims the first one, even knowing it is trap, and is shocked. It is a wand of magic missiles. He is shocked on the second, and it is wand of trap finding.

Wand Holder
Magic Missile Jonah
Trap Detection Jonah
Illusion Galadrius
Illumination Ka’kak’cha
Fear Pelonius

The urns have lots of gold (4000 gp).

The sword appears to be notched and tinged with rust but powerful magically. It is a longsword, and quite magic (+3).

The south room is also a storeroom with a 3’ semi-circular wall with a dry chitinous wall . It is partly organic, and looks like something that sits over your head. Of course, Jonah sits on it. Soon after that a creature pops up. It slowly mimics Jonah event talking. The longer we stay, the more it seems to follow. Meanwhile Jonah is being lethargic (-1 to all stats). It is like his mind is in two bodies. He tries to cast a spell, and it doesn’t. It is like a crude physical mirror image that is slowly getting better.

Side note: The recent events have Jonah at a bit of a disadvantage and feeling “dumber”.

Impact of Lost Headband -6
Impact of Negative plane -4
Impact of the Clone-thing -1
Net intelligence drop -11

We are in the master’s chamber storeroom.

Loot List

4060 gp
Maps and charts from the observation tower in Tcian Sumere – Jonah

Vacation with Undead

We return the heart where the honor of the Shen is restored and Vor is accepted as a clan member (if he is every found). Before we leave the village, we return one more time to seal up the area with walls of stone and stone shape.

Excited to try his new spells, Gabe begins scribing them into his spell book. He casts a permanent reduce on the Demon-quenching sword so that Kak can use to replace one of the swords he sacrificed. That night we head back to Greyhawk via the shadow plane.

We set up the dwarf smith, Athrogate, while we discuss what do to next. It is agreed that we should see about unlocking Galadrius’s sword by getting water from the river Styx, and completing a ritual for the Heart bow by permanently destroying a powerful demon.

We meet Cyrith at his apothecary. Gabe is greeted by his familiar who is getting bored waiting for the eggs to hatch and mousing.

Cryrith is amused by our request to name a demon to destroy, and he mentions that there is Glyphimhor . At one time, he was a balor, but is now an undead demon – he worked for Orcus – but that is no longer true. Glyphimhor resides in a fortress called Tcian Sumere on the 1287 plane of the Abyss, one that is infused with negative energy and has very strange gravity.

All positive energy is suppressed (50% healing)
Undead are strengthened
No gravity in some places
Missile ranges are great, moving is hard
Layer 1287
-4 to your primary stat
Half hit points restored on healing

We agree to do this, but think it is a dangerous task and feel that we can get the Styx water first as the river touches many, many planes. We plane shift to the Concordant Opposition, arriving about 280 miles from the River Styx. Not having any magical travels spells ready, we march through the day and set up camp that night.

While on watch are jumped by large four-legged birds that race through the camp and tear us up. Once we get organized the monsters are easily dispatched. After the batter we identify them as Archiara, but refer to them as giant four-legged devil-chickens. We find some loot in the gizzards.

Small metal box
100 + 600 +500 + 100 = 1,300 gp
Sheet of Aluminum – scroll of Glitterdust (for Gabe) – only requires a verbal + somatic

Getting the water itself is done quickly, and we shift back to Oearth, returning to Grayhawk soon after. Galadrius presents the vial of Styx water and sprig from Yissadril at the temple. A day-long purification ritual, the Sanctification of Darkness is performed, after which Galadrius is able to bond to the sword.

- 8 hit points
Touch of grace – 3 CLW / day
-1 from save
Dispel magic 1 /day
-1 from attack
+3 cold iron weapon
Piety 2 levels on channel, lay on hands
Constantly center of consecrate ’20
(undead -1 to hit, -1 to save, -1 damage, and +3 to SR for Channel)
Awaken the soul of the blade
Ask to Banish the Abyssal Brood – alone CR 15 creature on his own to – CE
Redemption of the Soul
Perfect Redemption

With newly bonded sword, we prepare to return to the Abyss. Cyrith gives us a blank 20-sided planar key – a component to create a targeted plane shift. We enter floating in a large spherical area of darkness with six exits. Despite the protection afforded us by Pelonius’s Mass Planar Adaptation, the imposing, dark energy is palpable.

We pick the “up” entrance and head that way. We are whisked to the center of the next room but are unable to control our order. As we glide into the middle, dark figures from every corner swarm at us, hungry for our blood. Later we learned they are ghasts and the much deadlier Abyssal ghasts. Out of our regular position, both Alma and Pelonius are grappled and drained before we manage to defeat them with a chain lighting from Jonah, a Holy Smite from Galadrius and lots of slicing from Kak.

Below the Heart of the Mountain

Stuff is shaking

Big rumbling and two Umber Hulks burrow out of the stone.

Kak jumps over and swipes at the first one.

Stone Golem
Mind Flayer

Stun + Confusion

Kak taken away

Golem dropped

Go below
Kill Golem

Summon water elemental
Kill two Golems

Explore rooms

Find intellect devourers

Find Kak

Fight intellect devourers

Find four scrolls

One book

One bag of holding
Dexterity +4
Protection +4
Resistance +4
Scortching Ray 12th – 8

Ioun Stone


Stone – Magical
Crazy Old Man
Claims to be an Archmage

Wizard 15, Archmage 5

A few books in infernal

Illithid books

Golem Manual (Stone)
- Craft Construction (Feat)
- Limited Wish
- Anitmagic aura…

Return the Heart
Need to find Vor

Dwarf – Athrogate


We leave the burned caravan remains – there was nothing to bury. It is only a few hours to the town. We are met by Kento, a magistrate, and other guards. They are very nervous at first, and very very surprised when Vor introduces himself and his link to the town via Riku Shen.

Kento collects Masariku Shen the master of the dojo who talked to Vor, but quick leaves in anger. Vor tells us that the master no longer considers Riku part of the clan, as he disgraced the clan and orders us to leave.

Kento sends up to the inn, where discuss our next steps. Riku’s daughter, Mei, comes in and introduces herself. Vor tells the story of how he met Riku Shen, convincing Mei in the truth in his story.

Mei Shen tells the story that while Grandmaster, Riku killed a man who he believed raped Mei’s mother. But the man was not the man who did the deed, and in his shame Riku Shen cast himself out. We learn that Masihiko is Riku’s brother, and Masihiko Shen burned the monastery to try to purify it.

She will petition her uncle in the morning. Jonah and Alma stay in the inn, Kak’a’tcha and Ubu the barn, and the rest in Mei’s house. The next morning Galadrius accompanies Vor and Mei to the dojo. Mei speaks passionately about how to redeem her father and accept Vor.

Masihiko says that the only way is to “Seek the Heart”.

She asks if there is another way, but Riku sends them away.

The Heart is the Heart of the Mountain. Built with the monastery founding, it was a magical ward that protected the town and monastery. Now the town suffers and is a shadow its former self.

Jonah went out to study for a day, Ka’kak’cha hunted, and Galadrius researched the Heart quest more. The founder, grandmaster Dube Shen, faced seven tests based on the seven tenets of Zokan, and we will have to do the same.

The tests are:

  • Worth
  • Understanding
  • Sacrifice
  • Skill
  • Wisdom
  • Discipline
  • Honor

The next morning we climb the hill up to the monestary. Peloniuscasts Atonement on Vor and Mei (since Riku isn’t there) and Bless water, giving everyone a stone to carry until the quest is complete. Mei leaves us as we look for a way down.

The Test of Worth

We go inside and prepare to go down a dark staircase. Below we see the statues. Jonah recognizes them as “Zokan. God of physical perfection and monks.” When he says that, we all hear a voice in our head.

Jonah remembers the mantra of Zokan.
bq). I seek perfection for my honor, but will never attain it."

“What do you seek?”


“Why do you seek it?”

“For our honor”.

“When will you attain it?”


The Test of Understanding

We get locked in a room with 12 faces. We face a series of riddles, and are able to answer most. We get most correct. One that we fail to get knocks Kak into unconsciousness, but he is healed by Pelonius.

We gain rewards from the quest specifically:

  • wand
  • scroll
  • 6 shuriken
  • Ring
  • diamond – 3K gp
  • ruby

The Test of Sacrifice

Here we have to give something up to get past the room.

Player Sacrifice Result
Vor My freedom Imprisoned
Alma ? ?
Jonah Opinion +3 circlet of Intellect
Pelonius Skill at arms no more combat
Galadrius Stealth elven cloak and stealth skills
Ka’kak’cha Bastard Swords 2x +1 energy weapons

The Test of Skill

A master knows himself better than anyone – all his strengths and his weaknesses

We are each forced to fight a copy of themselves.

Player Result Comments
Jonah Win He prepares to counterspell, but is attacked Rod. Uses a Feeblemind to defeat himself.
Ka’kak’cha Loss Loses initiative and is down in one round
Alma Win Unknown how, but is very angry
Galadrius Win Slow combat with lots of laying on of hands and many, many misses.
Pelonius Loss Used most of his spells as he can’t fight in melee

We heal the injured (the victors are at full strength) and move on.

The Test of Discipline

The true master can maintain discipline in the face of death

We begin feeling a lot of pain, which gets worse each round. Jonah cracks and drinks a potion, which burns him and he passes out. Just before we died, we stop taking damage and the door opens. There is a status with healing water outside of it.

Note: The room reversed all healing.

The Test of Honor

How do you honor your clan?

This room has a large stone dias in the center that slowly begins to decend.

By following the seven tenets of Zokan and teaching them to the clan.

The Blue room

We see a blue pulsating heart-like reddish-purple stone on a pedestal in a circular room with a small cave-in. Jonah changes in to an earth elemental to explore it and finds a tunnel going down deeper.

Galadrius touches the stone but cannot move it. But Kak can hold the stone, and some latent psionic powers are released.

Then we hear a low rumbling. The tests may be over, but the troubles below the monastery cannot.

To be continued……

Back in Greyhawk

Returning to Greyhawk to get Jonah’s familiar and help Vor find the clan of his former master. Pelonius casts plane shift and transports the party to within 10 minutes of the city of Greyhawk.

Vor knows the clan is in Ket near the town of Polvar, but not much else – a trip of about 600 miles. Ka’kak’cha convinces Ubu to assume the shape of a panther (using Gabe’s mantle of disguise) so we could get through the land.

Galadrius and Pelonius travel to the temple, where they check in with the temple of Pelor. Ka’kak’cha focuses on training Ubu. Jonah, Alma and Vor go to visit Alma‘s father Cyrith asking for help to find Jonah’s familiar when all of a sudden out come’s an exciting Suzie. it appears that there are three eggs black-blue mottled eggs. Jonah plans to return when the eggs are hatched and the babies weaned.

Jonah pumps Cyrith for information on Zelatar, where Cyrith once travelled (and fought Grazzt). He warns about not picking a fight, and get away so the guard doesn’t come down on then. They also meet Tybeck, a half-orc working for Cyrith.

The next day we travel to Highfolk, using Pelonius‘s Wind Walk and Phantom Steeds cast by Jonah. As we near Highfolk, the riders are attacked by orcs that throw some javelins. Jonah tosses out a chain lightning decimates the bunch, with only one standing up. Ka’kak’cha drops the last one with his bow.

Loot is 200 gp an few potions, and magical necklace.

We pass into the city after some dicussion with the guards. Taken insult with being called a Xill, Ka’kak’cha throws a rock at a guard, dropping him. Galadrius goes over, heals him and finds directions to the Flame Flower Inn. We ask for directions to the clan Shen, and he tells us that it is on the high pass road. We spend a quiet evening as Highfolk celebrates a harvest festival.

We hook up with a small merchant caravan returning to Polvar. Offering to guard them as we travel to Shengrala. Dragon attack!

Escape from the Demon Web

We leave the firey room and head back to the webbing looking for a way out. At the second intersection we are attacked. Webbing shot out and hit Jonah and Ka’kak’cha. Jonah was ripped off his feel and pulled upwards.

Ka’kak’cha jumped straight up, breaking through some wispy webbing out into the void. He sees some drider-tye creature (drow/spider mix) waiting to haul him up and attack.Ka’kak’cha slashes at him and quicky dispatches it. Vor and Galadrius moved up to help out Jonah, not that he needed it as he took case of it with his tentacle rod.

  • 2x Adamantine Chainmail
  • 4x scimitar/longsword Adamantine

Ka’kak’cha saw a trail in the webbed and Jonah followed it to their lair where he found a few things.

  • Bone tube (scroll of anti-magic field)
  • Small bag

But on his return he is hit be some webs from a harpoon spider and hauled across the void. Vor and Ka’kak’cha jump across the webs and hack it up as Jonah retreats as an air elemental. Ka’kak’cha finds the lair where he finds 900 gp.

After a few passageways the path opens up into a massive chamber full of spider webs and loose webbing. Ka’kak’cha falls through and falls for hundreds of feet, finally landing on a web. Galadrius flies down to pick him up.

Suddenly a tiefling and a demon run across the webs yelling “the goddess is coming”. The webs beggin shaking and millions of spiders running towards them. Pelonius casts Wall of Stone to build a bring across the web and the group raced across.

A drow woman walks past the group toward the spiders, and Jonah manages to hold his tongue as she slowly undressing while walking.

As Ka’kak’cha and Galadrius climb back up the shaking webs, a massive spider figure with a Drow’s face begins unweaving the web behind us.

We run – pulling away from the spider swarm, but not the spider. It gets closer and closer. Galadrius scoops up Jonah so that he can cast haste. He gets bitten for his troubles, seeing his Strength and Constitution drain away. Still, he keeps standing and run away with the rest of the party.

We cover half a mile in a minute, and open into the same room we entered into. As we break a spider egg Pelonius neutralizes the poison that would have just killed him.

We made it to Sigil, back “safe”.

After resting up and training, we visit the Rule of Three.

Donwah Senup that serves the prince of undeath Orcus), but offers the Rule of Three something that may help us.

  • The time of the council
  • Map and key to the location
  • Information on the sacrifice

The Queen of Spiders must be hunted down in her own web.

Donwah Senup resides in the city of Zelatar at the Sign of the Black Heart. That is in Zelatar is the largest city in the realm of Azzagrat, on of Grazzt’s domain. The Rule of Three has a Zelatar merchant charter which he gives to Johnah. Can hire a tiefling as a guide to the portals.

“Only a fool rushes, yet the longer the delay, the more difficult the task.”

Continuing in the Demon-Web

We decide to scribe the Analyze Portal spell and hide in the lair of the many-legged spider-like creature. Jonah memorizes Analyze Portal and we have a quiet night. Ka’kak’cha heard a lot of noise outside, but nothing saw through his blind. We when we opened the blind the web tunnels had changed. Now there where three paths. It seems to change at the whim of Lolth.

The right-most path lead to a dead end. In the room there is a platform with a tree in Red Crystal (red tree) and a sticky tunnel going down. We skip the tunnel and return the way we came. This time we headed south and down into a temple. There is a huge Spider statue of Lolth with three symbols (cobalt square, silver circle, and bronze star). It is temple with a spider sculpture. Ka’kak’cha is filled with feelings of doubt (Bane).

We quickly move through it and pick another tunnel, which is anoether dead end. This one has another symbol on a platofrm (bronze star) with two stone pillars poking up out of some stand. On each stone pillar is a spiral. Jonah casts Analyze Portal, and sees that the portal takes you to a plateau on a desert on a material plane, but requires a bronze pyramid as a key and allows two-way travel. The platform (bronze star) requires a bronze star portal key. (Later Lysandra said that it is the The Spiral Desert.)

Since we have a silver square, we decide to travel up to the temple to check out the silver platform. On the way, Ka’kak’cha meets up with a spider that he quickly dispatches.

Meeting our Contact

Back to the temple where we run into a drow patrol (four male and one female drow). Alma pretends to be a priestess and quickly cows them. She gets the to show her a secret door in some stained glass that leads to Lysandra. We travel down a hallway past an illusionary wall into a study where there is a Lysandra, a Tiefling (Bonn), and a three-eyed black cat. We greet them and, and after some diplomatic talk by Galadrius and showing the package of books they agree to hand over what we came for.

She hands us an envelope with a copy of Lloth’s invitation to some demon lords. The message reads:

To the Demon Lords,

To secure our new strategy against our enemies, I invite you to meet me in my hlls in the Demonweb Pits for a private audience as well as a parlety. The bearer of this message on my golden silk parchment will tell you where and how to travel to secure safe passage to this conclave.

Once you arrive, show this pass to my guardians. Duel if you must, but those attempting to settle old grievances will be banished from my planes. During this time, we must set aside blood feuds among ourselves and consider a greater purpose.

Our meeting will conclude with a recitation of the pact, after which I will make a sacrifice to determine which of our foes will be the first to fall.


Lolth has convened a council of all the senior demon lord. The Queen of Succubus (Malcanthet), the Faceless Lord, the Prince of Demons, the Prince of Deception, the Prince of Beast, the Prince of the Depths, the Prince of Vermin, the Prince of the Undead, the Price of Gnolls…

Neither new more about the meeting, or if they didn’t, they weren’t telling.

Lysandra sees the armor and asks Jonah (in Drow) where he got the armor. Even with Alma‘s help she can tell he isn’t a real drow. She then sees through the veil spell and tells Bonn, who laughs at the nerve a angel has in visiting this plane. Feeling that we are at an impass, we agreed that Pelonius casts a divination (-25gp) and asks Pelor if we have completed what we need to do in the Demon Web now. Pelor replies:

“Do not get lost in her web. Seek three-fold knowledge elsewhere to turn evil against evil.”

Time to leave. We buy a silver sphere (-200 gp) from her amd learn that you think of a destination, you can go to a platform in the Demon-web with a matching symbol. Lysandra says that she didn’t know what the the silver cube does, but the cobalt cube moves within the web like the silver sphere. Jonah asks Lysandra where she came from and she says a city in Fareun, Chenesade.

The others she knows are:

  • The Iron Wastes another Abyssal plane;
  • The Spiral Desert – a material plane where Lolth holds dominion
  • “the Red Forest”, a prime she seeks to control;, or,
  • “Erelhei-cinlu” – a Drow city in Oerth.

Where we arrived was the “Entrance Square”, and it didn’t seem to have a way out, so we have to find another, or find the *golden pyramid" and get back to the The Spiral Desert gate.

Lysandra says that silver sphere she sold us will transport people to one of many places:

  • Fane of Ecladra (a Drow priestess’s stronghold)
  • Spiderhome
  • Lolth’s Demonshrine
  • The hall of the great web

She doesn’t have a way to get out of demon-web, so we have to find that ourselves. We thank her and leave her dwelling in search for a portal key and a way our the Demon-Web.

The Room of Fire

With Ka’kak’cha leading the way, we head up a tunnel into a room with lots of lava. He sneaks in and seens a bluish demon with vestigal wings. After some buffing he jumps in and attacks the demon. He damages it, but the heat melts his ring of fire warding. Another jumps across and joins in the fight before Galadrius moves in to help. A fire spider jumps out of a magma pit in the middle of the room and coats the two in fire webs. Pretty soon the two demons are defeated and Jonah dismisses the fire spider.

Floating in the magma below a gate to the Plane of Fire is a stone chest. Jonah turns into an elemental and pulled it out of the molten fire. He was blasted by some negative energy, but Galadrius healed them. The chest contains the following items:

  • 600 pp
  • Bronze Pyramid
  • Huge Fire opal size of an egg (1000 gp)

The bronze pyramid can be used to get us out to the The Spiral Desert.

See Current Loot
XP: 5100

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Into the Frozen Wastes
The Tree that Walks

The party returns to the Great Ash with the Forest Heart Bow. They are met by a different Ratatusk, who explains he was killed by the “Tree that Walks”. The party offers to help, and after a short rest prepare the fight the Treant they expect.

Instead they are surprised by a strange creatures with tentacles and a great mounth, that grabs Ka’kak’cha with long tentacles and draws him in. Ka’kak’cha managed to hold it off while the party finished it off.

The beast was an Iron Maw, and in the lair was a planar sword and some gems.

After the fight, they became the honored guests of the Ratatusk for a big feast.


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